PP 29

Yasuhisa Saito, Sunghyu Han, Eun Ju Cheon, Sung-Soon Choi, Jang Soo Kim

PP 29

January 9, 2009 at Postech.


11:00-11:50, Yasuhisa Saito (Pusan National University)
Lotka-Volterra equations and qualitative permanence

14:00-14:50, Sunghyu Han (Ewha Womans University)
Higher Weights and Generalized MDS codes

15:00-15:50, Eun Ju Cheon (Gyeongsang National University)
Extension theorems of linear codes over finite fields

16:10-17:00, Sung-Soon Choi (Yonsei University)
Optimal Query Complexity Bounds for Finding Graphs

17:10-18:00, Jang Soo Kim (KAIST)
A combinatorial approach to the power of 2 in the number of involutions