PP 07

Aleksandar Jurisic, Youngsung Park, Yoomi Rho, Sejeong Bang, Mitsugu Hirasaka

PP 07

Nov 12, 2005 at PNU.


11:00–11:50, Aleksandar Jurisic, Triangle-free distance-regular graphs with an eigenvalue multiplicity equal to the valency and diameter 3.

13:30–14:20, Youngsung Park, L-functions of graph bundle.

14:30–15:20, Yoomi Rho, On Kramer-Mesner Matrix Partitioning Conjecture.

15:40–16:30, Sejeong Bang, Thick Delsarte pairs with c2 = 2 1.

16:40–17:30, Mitsugu Hirasaka, Equitable partitions apperaing in imprimitive association schemes.