KPP 42

Heesung Shin, Andreas Holmsen, Kijung Kim, Sangwook Kim, Mitsugu Hirasaka

KPP 42

November 6, 2010 at Postech


11:00–11:50, Heesung Shin (POSTECH)
Certain expansion of Eulerian polynomials via continued fractions

13:50–14:40, Andreas Holmsen (KAIST)
Partitions of point sets in Euclidean space

14:50–15:40, Kijung Kim (POSTECH)
Terwilliger algebras of direct and wreath products of association schemes

16:00–16:50, Sangwook Kim (KAIST)
Flag enumerations of matroid base polytopes

17:00–17:50, Mitsugu Hirasaka (PNU)
Coherent configurations over two copies of association schemes of prime