PP 08

M. Deza and E. Panteleeva, W. Martin, H.K. Kang, T. Fujisaki, K.W. Hwang

PP 08

December 3, 2005 at Postech.


11:00–11:50 M. Deza and E. Panteleeva, Wythoff construction and L1-embedding

13:30–14:20 W. Martin Imprimitive cometric association schemes

14:30–15:20 H.K. Kang On partitioning the orbitals of a transitive permutation group

15:40–16:30 T. Fujisaki The spanning trees of the complete m-uniform hypergraphs and related topics

16:40-17:30 K.W. Hwang Generalizations of Erdos-ko-Rado theorem