PP 06

J.M. Yang, Y.S. Kwon,H.G. Kang, K.J. Kim, Kenta Ishikawa

PP 06

October 1, 2005 at Postech.


11:00-11:50 J.M. Yang,
Bounds for 2-exponents of 2-primitive digraphs and related applications

13:30-14:20 Y.S. Kwon,
Counting some incompatible circular split subsystems

14:30-14:55 H.G. Kang
Semiregular automorphisms of vertex transitive cubic graphs

14:55-15:20 K.J. Kim
On completely transitive codes

15:40-16:30 D.Y. Oh
On the codes over poset metrics

16:40-17:30 Kenta Ishikawa
On finite p-groups which have only two conjugacy lengths