PP 05

Young Bin Choe, Young Soo Kwon, Jack Koolen, Tsuyoshi Miezaki, Hiroshi Nozaki

PP 05

Aug 05, 2005 at PNU.


11:00-11:50, Young Bin Choe, Zeta functions of graph coverings and graph bundles

13:30-14:20, Young Soo Kwon, Cayley map and its automorphism group

14:30-15:20, Jack Koolen, On the Terwilliger algebra of the twisted Grassmann graphs

15:40-16:30, Tsuyoshi Miezaki On the zeros of Eisenstein series associated with ¡¤0 (2) ¡¤0 (3)

16:40-17:30, Hiroshi Nozaki, A note on odd unimodular Euclidean lattices